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These are some of My recommended Core Reading Books:


This is an updated very detailed questionnaire I use to negotiate limits for a bottom.
I have the original in Excel so I can use field filters and charting. 
Limits Questionnaire in PDF
Limits Questionnaire in Excel
This is a brief summary of the important take away points written by an unnamed girl 
after attending the Adaptive Relationships class by Mistress Jenn.
Adaptive Relationships 
These are great slave rules to follow.
Gorean Slave Rules
Stage 1 Questions a Dominant can use to start building a Profile on a Slave or a Sub. 
Dominant Stage 1 Questions
How to pass an anal inspection. This is written by Mistress Jenn's vine that she has owned for over 5 years. 
Steps for Anal Preparation
Writings after someone had their 1st BDSM scene. I was honored that he chose me to have his first BDSM scene with. 
Thoughts after a 1st scene
Here are a few of the standard classes and workshops Mistress Jenn does around the country. It includes a brief bio.
Classes with bio
This is an interesting short story of a slave going into deep slavery. 
Deep Slavery
This is a document I made on FirePlay. This is not safe and should not be tried by anyone not trained.
FirePlay Document 
This is a strict diet for a sub or a slave that I have used. Ensure a good multi vitamin is used with this diet.
The Mean Mistress Jenn Diet
This is a document I made on a Owner falling in love with a slave. This was made to assist one person directly. 
Since I had it I thought I would share.
Loving a Slave Document 

These are 3 very similar things I wrote for a friend's collaring ceremony.
The Mark (Sub)
The Mark (Top)
The Knife (Top)
This is a general collaring ceremony that I used them in.
Collaring Ceremony
This is an Inventory I ensure I have filled out while entering into Stage 3. 
It is to gather the slaves entire Profile and Inventory information.
Acquirement Inventory
This is a Blank submissive Contract that I use to start my Level 3 negotiations with a Submissive.
Blank Submissive Contract
This is a Blank slave Contract that I use to start my Level 3 negotiations with a Slave.
Blank Slave Contract
This is an interesting M/s story written by a former slave of mine.
A Short M/s Story by fallen angel jacqui
Questions a slave can ask a Dominant before going into his or her collar.
Ownership Questions

A little thing I wrote after a great night.
Chains Of Love
These are rules and tips that I use for those that serve me. Every dominant should have a list similar to this.


Great BDSM books by Laura Antonoiou: